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Our Mission is Quality service for all of your Shepherds Bush W12 Roofer Services needs. When you need a dependable, on-time quality roofing contractor, you can depend on Shepherds Bush W12 Roofer Services.

We offer a complete package, a one-stop service for all your roofing needs in Shepherds Bush W12. We also cater for complete re-roofs, including a new build roof structure with engineering calculations and advice of any required planning regulations.

We also specialise in re-tiling and pride ourselves in giving the best advice we can, using our long experience and proven track record to choose the best product to keep the original character of the property and in keeping with the surrounding areas, sometimes this may also depend on the available budget to spend and we can help with offering different products that might look similar but may vary greatly in cost.

We also supply and fit most well known brands of roof lights, domes and roof lanterns – we can also fit sun pipes that run from the roof to ceiling in the house therefore producing natural, eco-friendly daylight to possibly dark landing or a windowless bathroom.

All Aspects Of Roofing Undertaken

We supply UPVC guttering, fascias, soffits and UPVC cladding. We buy online and have negotiated very good rates with all our main suppliers and offer our products at a cheaper rate than most usual DIY stores. We supply and fit UPVC guttering in square, half round and deepflow in brown, black or white – all products are guaranteed for 10 years. You might like to take advantage of our offer for a free quotation for gutter cleaning and clearing and unblocking, maybe try the next time it rains walking around the boundaries of your house to check whether the rain water is flowing correctly into your down pipes and isn’t dripping or overflowing from your guttering which would normally be a simple to job to solve or it may be a loose gutter bracket causing a leaking joint – either way it is easy for us to put these small details right for you and possibly saving you any expensive replacements in the future.

Lead flashings, lead work and chimney flashings are also a common area for water penetration caused by the need for lead to be able to expand freely to allow for movement, shrinkage in the cold and expansion with the heat. When lead is fixed into position and can’t move freely this will ultimately cause the lead to crack or split, lead can sometimes be repaired by welding another piece of lead to it however this is very precise work using a cool flame and is a lot harder to do than welding a material such as steel and must be carried out by a one of our lead work specialists not all roofers are able to do this competently. As a temporary measure we can fix a tear or leak with flashband, which is a very thin strip of aluminium tape, covered in bitumen on one side and can then be heated onto the repair for additional adhesion but this is only a temporary measure. Although lead is expensive and the prices do always seem to be going up, once a replacement has been made in new lead this should last up to 100 years so it better sometimes to do the job properly and replace it as soon as possible before any lasting damage is caused to the roof or structure as a whole.

Shepherds Bush W12 Roofer Services. We are a Professional Roofing & Roof Repairs Company in Shepherds Bush W12 with over 20 years experience in all aspects of Roofing.

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When you need a roofing expert, one with over 20 year’s experience, call Shepherds Bush W12 Roofer Services for all your pitched roof repairs or flat roof  leak repairs . We specialize in GRP fibreglass, Rubberbond EPDM and traditional mineral green felt flat roofing.

For years, our roofing professionals have provided the best roofing services to the whole of London to do the job correctly the first time. We have made it our goal to treat you with the utmost respect and to provide you with great customer service.

We can supply and fit almost any new pitched roof or even repair or replace any missing or broken slate or clay tiles. We ensure whilst working on any new re-roofing project that involves stripping the old roof coverings that your property is kept water tight at all times.

We offer a complete, one-stop-shop roofing package for all your Shepherds Bush W12 Roofer  Service requirements, our roofers are able to repair or re-point any chimney lead flashings or re-new any new PVC guttering, fascias and soffits – we use only the highest quality materials and use the proper installation methods specified by the manufacturers. London Flat Roofing Services also offer an Emergency Roof Repairs service with a rapid response for any roofing emergency.

For Emergency Roof Repairs call us now on  07436 809295

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We will provide you with a free inspection for any repairs or maintenance. There’s no obligation, and we guarantee to beat any genuine quote you’ve had. so contact us right away.

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We have the top professional tradesmen in the industry working for Shepherds Bush W12 Roofer Services so you have peace of mind that the job they are doing is to the highest standards, with a fair and open pricing policy – quite simply we give value for money and get the job done properly first time!

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LONDON ROOFING SERVICES INCLUDE FLAT ROOFING REPAIRS AND RENEWAL, PITCHED ROOF REPAIRS, SLATE & TILED ROOF REPAIRS, RUBBERBOND FLAT ROOFING GRP FIBREGLASS FLAT ROOFING, COMPLETE RE-ROOFS AND RE-TILING, ROOFLIGHTS, LEAD WORK, UPVC FASCIAS & SOFFITS AND EMERGENCY ROOF REPAIRS. For larger projects involving Roofing Works, or where necessary for local building / planning regulations, we will also bring on board our in-house architect, who can draw up the detailed plans or basic sketches. These can be used to apply for an initial consultation with your local planning officer so that the project can be approved in principal - avoiding incurring large costs only to find the project is untenable. We can help and advise you throughout this process. We have dealt with many Planning Officers in and around the Surrey area and have a good relationship with a great deal of them. In particularly complex or sensitive planning applications, we also have an in-house planning consultant, who we can bring on board.

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